What to consider when buying vehicles for the disabled

Looking for drive wheelchair cars for sale? For many individuals, the motability scheme or purchasing new aren't choices as perhaps because of the restricted mileage grant, lack of government financial support, or may be because of personal preference. Here is a list of things that everyone must consider when buying second hand wheelchair accessible cars.


As with the whole thing else to do with cars, you must pick what size second hand wheelchair accessible cars will suit your requirements, bearing in mind fuel consumption, the capability to transport people, ease of parking, luggage, and equipment.

Ramp vs. Lift:

This is a bit of access vs. ease vs. cost of the use wheelchair accessible car.

Side or Rear Access:

Rear access is usually very easy to set up as you can put a slope into the boot space. Though, this restricts loading passenger and unloading them every time if you have equipment and luggage loaded behind you.

Side loading offers the passenger more freedom, though often limits parking as you have to catch somewhere with sufficient space together with the car and where you won't be blocked in by somebody parking beside you.

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